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Pictures of Acidic Degreasers Before Power Kleen and  After A Power Kleen Neutralization

The Fix... Servicing Degreasers is What We Do!          

 •    Complete cleaning of all solvent & vapor-wetted surfaces with soda         
​ ash/water/surfactant solution to remove rust/oxidation/acid deposits         
as well as sump bottom sludge deposits.

•    We will pay particular attention to condensation trough area,        
solvent/air interface and water separator.

•    Heaters/Cal-rods will be thoroughly cleaned to remove as much baked       
on deposits as possible to eliminate/minimize hot spots that lead to       
heater degradation and premature failure.​

NOTE: It is best to remove heaters and sand-blast them, as scrubbing may         
not removal all baked on deposits. Sand-blasting service is not included         
in this proposal.

•    Unit will be rinsed with 1400 psi pressure washer and thoroughly dried.​

•    Safety thermostats will be checked for proper set points and function.

•    Machine will be checked for proper labeling which include Danger,       
Caution & Operating Instructions that are required.

•    Written Degreaser Service Report will be submitted for your Safety        
and Insurance files showing unit is in proper working order, or listing areas       
​ that require additional consideration.